As seen from the Shooting Star RV Resort: There's no pot of gold, but how about a cherry '64 Caddy convertible?

Sunrise lights up the Escalante Mountains

About the Shooting Star RV Resort

Moonrise over the butte adjacent to the Shooting Star RV Resort in the East Meadow

Our mission here at the Shooting Star RV Resort is to provide our Guests with a fun, unique and luxuriously comfortable vacation experience in one of the most scenic places in the world. We'll assist you in your explorations and ensure that all of your needs are well met. We know the outfitters, tour guides and ATV rental guys very well and can refer you to the right source for your adventure.

We'll point you in the right direction – whether it's south into the Grand Staircase, north into Dixie National Forest, east to Capitol Reef National Park or west to the classic convertibles parked at the Drive-In waiting for the sun to set and the big screen to light up.

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