Recreational vehicle or motor home is a combination of adventure, traveling, family living all together. There are actually many types of RVer around the world. Some of them buy RV for traveling only, some of them rent, some of them live and also travel via RV. It is definitely a living luxury.

Shooting Star RV Resort is a blog where I will enlist all the factors for my readers. My plan is to take your RV life on a different level (the missing part of your life).

Why people select RV for traveling and they dream about it?

Because it unlocks many exciting options during your vacation. Which is totally impossible if you are traveling without RV. Actually, nothing is in your control in a normal traveling. You have to live in a hotel, eat in a restaurant, calculate the check-in and checkout time (which will interrupt your exploring) and many many factors you cannot imagine. I will discuss in detail how you can make your vacation and living very exciting.

Either you live or travel or both, you must know that it needs regular maintenance. It can be divided into 2 parts. In one portion, it can be considered as a vehicle and the other hand home and kitchen maintenance.

So, what are the factors, I am going to discuss?

It is going to be an entire guide of your RV life. How you can select your necessary products? For example, a solar panel, generator, carpet, mattress, air conditioner, humidifier, toilet, seat, outdoor cooking stuff, water system, shower system, septic system, GPS, apps you need and many more.

Do you think I will limit myself only to just mentioning your required products?


I will guide you on how to use them, where to use them and also how to fix them. What is the emergency tool you must keep inside RV? What will be the repairing intervals?

As RV is considered as an outdoor activity, you will also face weather difficulties. Summer is not a big problem. The problem will be in the severe winter and rough rainy seasons. What will you do if you pipe and important things are frozen? How to fix them? How to survive in extreme conditions like thunders or heavy rain or storms? How to protect your electrical equipment from these serious situations?

Sometimes you might feel a challenge between life and death. I am not scaring you. These are not regular cases. If someone is planning to live inside an RV for a very long time. Then those tips will help them a lot.

If you are planning to travel with a motor home. Please double-check weather alerts and forecasts. It will give you a soothing vacation.

I will also try to cover, how you can maintain your job or online work in your journey.

Still, if you think that I need to cover any more area or missing any section, please never hesitate to contact me.

I am always open to suggestions.

Hope you will enjoy my blog. Please Stay tuned. 🙂

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