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28 Very Essential RV Travel Apps List For Your Journey

Last Updated on September 12, 2022

Downloading and installing the right RV travel apps helps RV travelers avoid greenhorn mistakes and unnecessary surprises.

Some of them come free and some with a small fee, but the must-have apps make tasks easier for both rookies and seasoned motorhome travelers.

As you probably know, regular camping and RV traveling are two different concepts. A regular camper will most often carry all his supplies to the campsite. On the other hand, as an RV traveler, you will need to plan your travel routes more carefully and schedule your stops conveniently.

This guide contains the most useful apps for motorhome travelers. In this article, we have provided you with a versatile range of free and premium apps that will ensure you enjoy every part of your trip in an RV.

Let’s begin!

List of 28 RV Travel Apps

List of 28 RV Travel Apps

All right, now that you’ve got a smartphone let’s take a look at the apps you’ll want to download for your RV use.

1. Good Sam Camping App | Best RV Apps for Android

You get access to the full Good Sam Club RV sites and campgrounds in the US, Mexico and Canada. The app has more than 3,000 campgrounds and RV sites. There is plenty of information on each campground including amenities, features and more. The app is available for Android and the iOS platforms.

This is one of the most in demand apps today and with good reason. It is well-designed and intuitive, plus the content is updated. While there are a lot of RV apps, Good Sam manages to distinguish itself in terms of features and capabilities.

2. Allstays Campground Plus | Best RV Camping App

This is a camping app with information on over 28,000 state and national parks. Available for Android and iOS devices, it also has a database of service areas, truck stops and more.

You can browse the content by ratings, amenities, location an other filters. You can also browse by groups. Best of all you can use the app without any Internet connection.

One of the biggest frustrations with RV applications is most are dependent on an Internet connection, and when you’re in the boondocks they can’t help. That’s not the case here which is why it’s a good choice.

3. Gas Buddy

Use this app to find gas stations in the area. The app also finds the gas services with the most affordable prices near you. The app allows you to browse by zip code or city that you’re headed to. With fuel being absolutely critical, this is the kind of app you don’t want to be without.

4. Sanidumps RV Dump Station

This app provides you with a comprehensive list of the dump facilities nearby so you can empty your waste tank properly. There’s a free version of this app on Google Play as well as a paid version. Directions are courtesy of Google and you can save the locations of 20 stations.

5. Copilot GPS Premium

Copilot assists in satellite navigation, but its biggest asset is the maps available for offline access. The maps contain routes, points of interest and other information. So if there’s no Internet access where you’re at, you’ll still get access and use these maps. There’s a free and paid version of the app on Google Play and iTunes.

6. Yelp | RVv apps for Iphone

You’re probably aware of Yelp, as it is a popular recommendation and review app. If you’re looking for a place to eat, a mechanic or places of interest for your itinerary, then you’ll want to download this app. It is free and available for Android and the iOS. If you’re looking for reviews on restaurants, bars, salons etc. Yelp is the app to go to.

7. InRoute

InRoute allows you to plan your own route using road curves, elevation and the weather. The app comes with turn by turn directions and voice guidance. InRoute also looks up the weather so you can plan ahead, and weather notification is available for the US, Canada, Germany and the UK.

8. Windy

With this app you can track the wind, tides and waves all across the country. It is ideal for those on an RV especially if you like to fish, surf or into other water sports. Windy is also good at tracking hurricanes, and forecasts for the next ten days. Weather data is provided real time, and there’s archived weather data too.

9. Walmart Parking App

There are two apps to choose from. There is Walmart Overnight Parking for Android and Walmart Overnight Parking Locator for the iPhone. Both apps provide information for RV parking as well as contact numbers. Not all Walmart branches offer overnight RV parking so either app will be handy.

10. Coverage

Coverage collects cell phone data coverage, allowing you to compare and choose the strongest possible signal. With this app you no longer have to wonder if that campground has a signal. You can also use this app to determine which coverage offers the strongest signal so you can head over there.

11. TV Towers USA

TV Towers USA has a list of over 1000 repeaters and 2000 stations in the US plus a number of Canadian TV stations as well. As an RVer you’ll be able to use this app to find local stations and networks. The app also has a compass so you’ll know the directions of the stations so you can focus your antenna there.

12. Trucker Path

This app is designed primarily for truckers but it is just as useful for those on an RV. With Trucker Path you have access to popular truck stops where RVs can also park. You can also use the app to locate rest areas, get weather updates and points of interest. The app also has points of interest and other information.

13. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps has been around for a while and it faces stiff competition. But it’s still one of the best in the free maps and GPS category. It shows you different routes to reach your destination, traffic alerts and turn by turn navigation. The app is not only free but regularly updated by Google, so that’s another plus.

14. Weather Radio

Available for iTunes and Google Play, Weather Radio keeps you updated on the latest hurricane and storm alerts. This isn’t the only app that does this, but Weather Radio comes with a radar map. Weather Radio doesn’t just track storms however as it also monitors tornadoes and other weather hazards.

15. Key Ring Reward Cards

Is your crammed with cards for discounts, fitness club memberships, flyer miles, etc? With Key Ring you can finally free up your wallet. Just download Key Ring and scan your cards’ bar codes in it.

After you have scanned the bar codes, you can use them at the establishment you got them from. Just launch the app and show the store people the bar code and they’ll verify the info. That’s all there is to it.

16. Dish Align & Dish Aligner

Dish Align (iTunes) and Dish Aligner (Google Play) have the same purpose, align your dish so you can orient the TV antenna properly. Both apps utilize the GPS on your mobile phone to get the best possible signal. This app is designed specifically for those who are on an RV. If you’ve been frustrated by poor signals, this app can help.

17. State Lines

As you may already know, RV laws vary from state to state, so before you cross over to the next state, make sure you’re familiar with their laws. That is what State Lines is for, the RV guide to different RV laws and regulations per state. The app covers everything from sales tax, overnight parking, safety regulations and more.

18. Camp & RV – Campgrounds Plus

The Camp & RV is an all-purpose RV camping guide. The app has a large campground database which you can search offline. Its filters allow you to find specific services and locations, plus it looks up RV parking lots, gas services, rest areas and more. It is a digital RV guide and so much more.

19. My Pilot

One of the most popular RV camping apps right now, My Pilot finds truck and RV stops, gas stations and other essentials. It filters location searches and shows you the latest fuel prices in the nearest stations. Once you enter your route, My Pilot displays the locations and routes along the way.

20. RV Checklist

RV Checklist

The RV checklist is a reminder/to do list app so you don’t forget the essentials. Do you always forget to solar charge your devices? Do you need to bring the table in? Are you refiling your first aid kit next Friday? The easy to use interface means you’ll be able to grasp it quickly.

21. We Camp Here Campground Search

This is another RV camping guide app but is more affordable than the others in the market. It has the essentials features most RVers will need, plus it allows you to put down notes. it’’s also good to see you can save camping sites to a list, and it even has tips on how to properly align a satellite.

22. Trip Journal

Think of this as your virtual RV journal where you’ll chronicle your travels. It’s not just a journal though as it also lets you add photos and map pinpoints. Trip Journal also allows you to add favorite sites, rest stops, diners and video. If you want to document your trip then you’ll find this app handy.

23. U.S. Public Lands

This app shows you a list of government owned land, and if you’re going to spend a lot of time on an RV this is something you need to know. With this app you’ll know if it’s national forest land or BLM, and the detailed map lets you zoom, do a search and more. Even if you’re new to RVing, this app will prove useful.

24. Rvillage

Rvillage is a free app that connects you to other RVers. With its private messaging, group and conversation feeds you’ll be able to engage other RVers and share tips, stories, experiences, and find other RVers in your area. You can set up your profile, notifications, crowd sourced information and more. Put it simply, Rvillage is a the RVer’s social network.

25. RV Parky

RV Parky has a little bit of everything. It’s got lots of RV park information, an updated directory, maps and reviews of RV places of interest. The features are useful, but none more so than the maps and GPS. The app may sound the same as the others, but the app is free and easy to use.

26. Free RV WiFi

Free RV WiFi

The Wi-Fi Finder is a free app that does exactly that, find free Wi-Fi hotspots. Just download the app and it will do the work of finding free wireless Internet access. The app lets you save hotspots so you don’t have to look for them again and again. The app can find signals in airports, restaurants and other locations.

27. Passport America & Camp USA

These are RV park review apps and designed to help you find the ideal place to park. While the apps are free, some features require membership in the campground. If you are a member of one or more of these campgrounds, then this app will keep you updated. For comprehensiveness these are among the best.

28. Around Me

Around Me does what it’s name says, let you know what’s around you. Are you new in town or the city? Want to find the nearest gas station? Want to go eat or watch a movie? Looking for a hotel or the nearest grocery to refurbish your stock?

In short, Around Me shows you the business establishments and other places of interest wherever you are. It is a simple app but it is very effective in what it does. This an ideal app to have especially if you’re headed to a new place and unfamiliar with the surroundings.

Final Words

While smartphone apps are often the last items that most RV travelers think about, they are useful additions. Technology now ensures that you can conveniently enjoy sightseeing in your mobile palace without getting stranded in the middle of nowhere or missing crucial supplies or items.

The RV travel apps help you to plan your stops in territories that are unfamiliar. They’ll help you to know how far you are from super-shops, the distance and direction to the next fuel pump, the next vehicle service center, the nearest RV park, etc.

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