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5 Best RV First Aid Kit for Your Own Safety in 2024

Last Updated on April 11, 2023

There will always be potential risks when you are going RV camping or on any long trip. Accidents can still occur even with the best planning and the most careful driving.

No one knows when an emergency will happen, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Having the best RV first aid kit can help you treat minor injuries that may occur and even save a life in a more critical situation.

It is important to choose a first aid kit carefully for your RV, as a substandard kit may not contain all of the necessary supplies.

Examining different product reviews can help you choose a well-stocked first aid kit to keep you safe during your next RV adventure.

YIDERBO First Aid Trauma Kit Bag for RV Camping

● Number of Pieces: 274
● Survival Kit Included: Yes
● Carrying and Storing Option: Waterproof, Shock Resistant Bright Red Bag
● Weight: 1.21 Pounds

First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit

● Number of Pieces: 298
● Survival Kit Included: No
● Carrying and Storing Option: Fabric Case
● Weight: 1 Pounds

Everlit Survival First Aid Kit

● Number of Pieces: 250
● Survival Kit Included: Yes
● Carrying and Storing Option: Water-Resistant Nylon Based Military Grade EMT Bag
● Weight: 1.9 Pounds

What Is the Difference Between Class A and B First Aid Kits?

band aids

Kits in the “A” class are designed for dealing with injuries such as minor burns, cuts, and abrasions. In contrast, Class B kits come with more supplies and are intended for use in a more complex or riskier environment.

Generally speaking, Class A kits will contain bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, and other similar items. Class B kits will usually also include items such as splints, tourniquets, and burn dressings.

In terms of quantity, Class A kits typically have fewer medical supplies than Class B kits. This is because they are designed for less severe injuries and situations.

When deciding which type of first aid kits to purchase or stock up on, you must consider the injuries most likely to occur in your particular environment.

In cases where you may be exposed to more severe injuries at work, the Class B kit is likely to be a better choice. It is sufficient to have a Class A kit if you only wish to be prepared for the most common types of injuries.

As RV camping generally does not involve high-risk activities, a Class A kit is usually adequate.

What Are the Uses of the Basic Items of a First Aid Kit?

just the basics

Knowing the functions of the primary supplies included in the first aid kits is essential to properly deal with an injury. The following is a list of some of the most common items found in first aid kits and the situations in which they would be used:


Minor cuts and scrapes can be covered with bandages. They can also be used to hold ice packs in place or to wrap a sprained ankle.

Antiseptic wipes:

To prevent infection, antiseptic wipes are used to clean wounds. Hands and surfaces that have come into contact with bodily fluids can also be cleaned with them.


You can use gauze to cover larger wounds or to line a splint. When making improvised bandages, they can also be used as a filter.

Adhesive tape:

Bandages, gauze, and splints can be secured with adhesive tape. It can also be used to secure ice packs to the skin.

Pain relievers:

The use of pain relievers, such as ibuprofen, can alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with slight injuries. Aspirin is also sometimes included in first aid kits, but it should not be given to children under 18.


Splinters and ticks can be removed from the skin using tweezers. They can also manipulate gauze or adhesive tape when applying bandages.


Cutting bandages, gauze, and adhesive tape can be accomplished with scissors. Before dressing a wound, they can be used to trim the hair around the wound.

Five Best RV First Aid Kit Reviews

own kit

Checking product reviews is vital in finding quality RV first aid kit tools for your next camping trip. By reading reviews, you can learn about the features of different kits and see what others have liked or disliked about them.

A kit’s reviews can give you an indication of its value. Please take time to read reviews and select a complete kit containing all the necessities you will need in an emergency.

1. YIDERBO First Aid Trauma Kit Bag for RV Camping

YIDERBO offers you 274 first aid items that are enough to cope with any emergency. There are 16 unique and multi-purpose emergency survival tools and all-purpose and high-standard trauma supplies.

You will always be prepared for any emergency with the bag’s multiple pockets and compartments which can hold everything from bandages and gauze to scissors and tweezers. The bag is also bright red, making it easy to identify and locate in any situation.

First Aid Kit Home 274PCS Emergency Kit Home Supplies First Aid Kits for Car Camping Essentials for Adventures Boat Public YIDERBO

Total 274 pieces of first aid supplies
16 different emergency survival tools
Lightweight and portable
● Waterproof and shock-resistant bag
● Multiple pockets and compartments

Reasons You May Like It:

The YIDERBO first aid trauma kit bag can be the essential companion for your next RV camping trip, wilderness adventure, hike, or traveling excursion.

This outdoor emergency first aid kit is compact, lightweight, and portable, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

As this bag is made from waterproof and shock-resistant materials, you can rest assured that your supplies are protected regardless of the weather conditions.

There is plenty of room in this bag to store additional adventure medical kits, which is an excellent tool for organizing all your first aid supplies.

♥ Bright red color bag for easy identification
♥ Multiple pockets and compartments for organization
♥ The portable design makes it easy to carry
♥ Including all-purpose trauma supplies
♥ Multi-purpose emergency survival tools for any situation

⊗ The flashlight does not come with a battery, but it is an easy fix
⊗ The tape roll is a little bit small for practical use

2. First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit

You can receive an all-inclusive kit from First Aid Only that contains 298 pieces. In this emergency survival first aid kit, you will find everything you may need to treat mild injuries.

These include antibiotic ointments, plastic bandages, adhesive fabric, antiseptic towelettes, aspirin, burn cream packets, gauze rolls and pads, cold packs, ibuprofen, wound closures, and other multipurpose items.

When you have this kit on hand, you can rest assured that you are prepared for any type of emergency when you go RV camping.

First Aid Only 299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit (FAO-442)

298-piece all-inclusive kit
● Flexible and sturdy fabric case
● Clear plastic pockets for quick access
● Easy storage and transport

Reasons You May Like It:

Keep your family safe with this all-purpose first aid kit. It includes everything you need to care for minor accidents like cuts, scrapes, and burns. Whether at home or on the go, this kit has you covered.

A flexible and sturdy fabric case is provided to organize and protect the contents. The clear plastic pockets make it easy to retrieve the necessary adventure medical kit in an emergency.

There are two separate layers in the bag, which makes it easier to locate the items needed. It also has some extra room for adding additional items if needed.

With its compact design and spacious interior, the pouch can be easily stored and transported.

♥ First aid kit for all emergencies
♥ Compact design and spacious interior
♥ Can be easily transported
♥ Two separate layers for organizing supplies
♥ Clear plastic pockets for easy retrieval of supplies

⊗ Some sting relief pads may come with improperly cut
⊗ The kit is little bit small, and the contents may not well organized

3. Everlit Survival First Aid Kit

This comprehensive kit has everything you need to mend minor wounds and injuries and provide primary medical care. There are a total of 241 pieces of first aid equipment included in this kit, and they are designed to assist you in staying safe and healthy.

The nine survival gear items included in the Everlit survival first aid kit will help you stay comfortable and safe while RV camping outdoors. All of the kits are protected in a military-grade EMT bag.

The bag is constructed from 1000D water-resistant nylon that features three separate compartments that can be used for storing your equipment. With Molle compatible straps, it can easily be attached to your bag for convenient usage.

Stay prepared for any situation with the included 3-mode tactical flashlight, multi-function paracord bracelet (compass, whistle), flint-stone, knife, saber card, two glow sticks, and rain poncho.

Reasons You May Like It:

You can expect that it meets all your needs because U.S. military veterans have specially customized it. A former army sergeant has tested the kit in the field, making it reliable and trustworthy.

Whether camping in an RV, hiking through the mountains, hunting in the woods, or biking on a trail, this kit has the necessary supplies for treating superficial injuries and emergencies. 

It includes supplies for treating a single family or group of friends, so you can rest assured that everyone is taken care of. The kit is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

♥ An all-in-one kit for minor injuries
♥ U.S. military veterans customize for reliability
♥ Easy to carry, lightweight and compact
♥ Strong, water-resistant bag for storing your equipment
♥ Attaching the bag is easy with Molle straps

⊗ Instructions are not included
⊗ Some people may find it a bit tricky to use the flashlight

4. Surviveware Emergency Medical First Aid Kit for RV

This comprehensive kit comes with a total of 200 high-quality essentials and health maintenance supplies, so you can handle any medical emergency that comes your way.

There is an 18′-inch SAM split, an emergency blanket, and a bonus mini first aid kit included in this kit, which will help you to cope with any unexpected circumstances you may encounter.

The internal sleeves also allow you to customize the contents to fit your specific needs, making this kit the most suitable option for any traveler.

Reasons You May Like It:

You will find everything you need to handle common emergencies in this emergency medical first aid kit. This well-organized kit makes it easy to locate the supplies you need in a hurry.

With its compact design and ease of portability, you can take it with you wherever you go. A high-quality, rip-resistant 600D polyester bag is included, which will withstand even the most rigorous conditions.

The bag is water resistant and has durable laminate pouches to protect internal contents. You can attach it securely to various surfaces using the removable MOLLE compatible straps, snaps, and advanced mounting system.

It also features D-rings, which can be used to attach it to other objects. This makes it perfect for use in a variety of settings. The bag is highly visible in an emergency due to its reflective components.

♥ 100 essentials and supplies in one kit
♥ Water-resistant laminate pouches protect contents
♥ Customizable internal sleeves
♥ MOLLE compatible straps for easy attachment
♥ Reflective components enhance visibility

⊗ Due to the lack of counter-pull points, the zipper might be tricky to close
⊗ Rusting may occur on the metal snaps on the case

5. Be Smart Get Prepared Osha And ANSI Compliant First Aid Kits

Containing 326 pieces of first aid treatment products, it provides a comprehensive solution for treating injuries and illnesses during  RV camping.

The hard carrying case includes two layers of first aid supplies for large and small first aid items. You can easily access everything on the shelves since they tilt out.

Reasons You May Like It:

The kit is designed to help you comply with occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations.

It is constructed from materials of the highest quality and contains everything you will need to administer first aid in an emergency. You can mount the kit on the wall or fold it for compact storage.

There are easy slide latches that lock into place, making it convenient to grab and go in an emergency. The plastic case also facilitates the visibility of the kit’s contents.

With an airtight rubber seal that protects the contents against the elements, you can expect that your supplies will be safe and ready to use when needed.

♥ Hard carrying case with two layers for large and small items
♥ Tilt out shelves for easy access
♥ Wall mountable or foldable for compact storage
♥ Lockable slide latches
♥ The contents are easily visible
♥ An airtight rubber seal protects against the elements

⊗ Some people may have trouble opening/closing the securing latches

Comparison Chart of RV Travel First Aid Kits:

Product NameNumber of PiecesSurvival Kit IncludedCarrying and Storing OptionWeight
YIDERBO First Aid Trauma Kit274YesWaterproof, Shock Resistant Bright Red Bag1.21 Pounds
First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit298NoFabric Case1 Pounds
EVERLIT RV First Aid Kit250YesWater-Resistant Nylon Based Military Grade EMT Bag‎1.9 Pounds
Surviveware Comprehensive Premium First Aid Kit200NoWater Rip Resistant 600d Polyester Bag3.25 Pounds
Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit326NoImpact Resistant High Density Plastic Case3.26 Pounds

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Quality RV First Aid Kit

safety pins

If you are looking for the best first aid kits for camping, there are several factors you should consider. Due to the variety of types and sizes of RV first aid kits available, selecting the right first aid kit for your individual needs is crucial.

In the event of an emergency, you will have the necessary supplies on hand. The following factors from this first aid kits buying guide should be considered when making your selection:

1. Included Items

This is the most crucial factor when selecting a proper first aid kit. You should ensure that the kit you choose includes all the essential items you might need in an emergency.

These items should be appropriate for both adults and children. The list of essential supplies may vary depending on the source.

Generally, a good first aid kit should include bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, and gloves.

Having a CPR mask and a first aid guidebook will also be beneficial. Some kits may also include cold packs, splints, and emergency blankets.

If you plan to go RV camping with your family or friends, it is a good idea to carry a kit that contains survival items with you. You may wish to consider the survival items a flashlight, whistle, fire starter, and knife.

The best camping first aid kits will include first-aid and survival items. In this manner, you will be prepared for any eventuality.

To determine what is included in a particular kit, it is best to read the product description carefully. Most kits will list the items included, and some will even provide pictures.

2. Size and Weight

Make sure to consider both the weight and the size of the kit when choosing the best first aid emergency kit. A larger kit will have more supplies, but it will also be heavier and take up more space.

Conversely, a small first aid kit will be easier to carry and store, but it may not have everything you need. The best option is to find a balance between the two.

Ensure the kit is large enough to accommodate all the essentials without becoming too cumbersome. Regarding weight, look for a light enough kit to easily carry but not so light that it feels flimsy or poorly made.

Your goal is to find a kit that is both functional and practical. Considering the number of people in your group will also be necessary.

If you are traveling with a large group, you will need a larger kit. On the other hand, if you are traveling alone or with just a few people, a smaller kit will suffice.

3. Included Case or Bag

When looking at different best first aid kits, you will notice that some come with a case or bag. The type of case or bag can be significant, as it will affect the portability and the organization of your kit.

Checking the quality of the case or bag is essential. A good case or bag will be constructed from quality components that withstand wear and tear. It should also have compartments or pockets to help keep everything organized.

This is important as you want to be able to find what you need quickly in an emergency. Whenever you select a plastic case, ensure that the latches are secure and that the case is durable.

It would also be advantageous if the case were transparent so that you could easily see the kit’s contents. If you prefer a bag, make sure it is made from sturdy fabric. 

Also, the bag should be water-resistant, as you never know when you may need to use it in inclement weather. This way, the kit’s contents will be protected from becoming wet.

Make sure the zippers are of good quality as well. A handle or strap will also make it easier to carry the bag. Check the product description carefully to determine the case or bag type.

4. Quality of Supplies

The quality of the supplies in the kit is also important. All the items should be made from high-quality materials designed to withstand repeated use.

Bandages, for example, should be made from a soft material that will not irritate the skin. They should also be adhesive so that they stay in place. 

Gauze pads should be absorbent and capable of withstanding pressure. The scissors should be sharp and able to cut through different materials.

To determine the quality of a product, it is always advisable to read online reviews. People who have purchased and used the product can give you the most accurate information.

5. Ease of Use

When determining which RV first aid kits to purchase, it is vital to consider how easy they will be to use. In an emergency, it is crucial to focus on caring for the injured person and not waste time trying to figure out how to use a particular item.

The items in the kit should be clearly labeled and easy to find. The instructions should be easy to follow, and the items should be easy to use.

It is also essential to ensure that the kit is organized in a way that makes sense. This will help you find what you need quickly and without hassle.

What Do You Need to Learn to Use an RV First Aid Kit and Stay Safe?

first aid booklet

To effectively use your own first aid kit, you must take the time to learn about first aid and safety. This includes learning how to properly administer CPR, as well as how to treat different types of injuries effectively.

CPR is an acronym for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is an emergency procedure when someone’s heart has stopped beating and is not breathing.

The goal of CPR is to restore the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and other vital organs. You will need to enroll in a CPR course to learn how to perform this life-saving procedure correctly.

Learning how to treat different kinds of injuries is also important. As part of this course, you will learn how to properly clean and dress a wound, as well as how to splint a fractured bone.

You can use various resources to gain a deeper understanding of emergency procedures. You can take a first aid training course, watch videos online, or read books or articles on the subject. Keeping a first aid manual and book in your RV is also a good idea.

What Is the ABC Rule In First Aid?

When it comes to first aid, the ABC rule is a helpful guide. The “A” stands for airway, meaning the priority is ensuring the victim can breathe.

In this context, the “B” refers to breathing, and the focus is to ensure that the victim is breathing effectively.

“C” stands for circulation, and ensuring that the victim has an adequate blood supply is imperative. This rule is helpful because it provides a simple, step-by-step guide for responding to an emergency.

It is important to remember that each situation is unique and may require a different approach. For example, CPR may be necessary if the victim is not breathing. In any case, the ABC rule is a good starting point for providing emergency care.

Where Should You Keep Your RV First Aid Kit?

It is vital to put your RV first aid kits in a place where they will be easily accessible in an emergency.

The good idea is to keep the kit within easy reach of your RV’s door, preferably in a cabinet or drawer.

This will ensure that you can grab it quickly if you need to. You should also ensure that everyone in your RV knows where the kit is so they can access it if needed.

How Do I Know If an RV First Aid Kit Is Expired?

Check the expiration date on the items inside to tell if your RV first aid kits are out of date. Most first aid kits will have an expiration date printed on the label. If items in your kit are past their expiration date, then it’s time to replace them.

You can also determine whether the contents of your RV first aid kits have expired by inspecting them for signs of wear or degradation. It is time to replace any deteriorated items or show signs of wear.

Some items, such as bandages or gauzes, may not be marked with an expiration date. Check the adhesiveness or strength of the material to determine its expiration.

Take Immediate Action In an Emergency With an RV First Aid Kit

Take Immediate Action In an Emergency With an RV First Aid Kit

We hope you understand why you should get the best RV first aid kit. All the products we reviewed are of good quality and will provide you with everything you need to be prepared for any emergency.

Compare each product’s features, pros, and cons and decide which is most appropriate for you. The factors described in the buyer’s guide should also be considered so that you can make a wise selection.

Become familiar with some basic first aid skills to prepare for an emergency. Wishing you and your family safe travels.

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