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Timbren VS Sumosprings | Fully Explained in Details

Last Updated on March 17, 2022

The suspension system in your car is an integral part of the vehicle. It absorbs and dampens the shocks that result from driving over rough or bumpy roads, which helps to protect both passengers and the vehicle itself.

Without a well-functioning suspension system, you would feel every single imperfection in the road surface as it passed under your tires. The ride would be very uncomfortable at best but more likely downright dangerous if you were on a highway with sharp curves or narrow shoulders. 

The two leading manufacturers of aftermarket suspensions for cars are Timbren and Sumo Springs suspension. Therefore you might need to know the differences between Timbren VS Sumosprings for choosing the right one.

What are Timbren and Sumosprings?

Air springs

Timbren and Sumosprings are manufacturers of aftermarket suspensions for cars to reduce rear-end sag. They make replacement parts for the suspension system that replace standard equipment on a vehicle.

In addition, they also manufacture all-terrain shocks designed to be fitted to a truck’s rear axle suspension system to provide extra traction and load-carrying ability when hauling heavy loads or pulling a trailer.


Aeon hollow rubber springs are used in the Timbren Suspension System. Timbren has developed this rubber, which has unique characteristics ideal for suspension enhancement.

Aeon helper springs have a variable resistance rate and are self-damping, which helps to isolate vibrations and serve as shock absorbers. This heavy hauling suspension enhancement is exceptionally durable and does not require maintenance.

All of the Aeon kits use the same material, but the shapes and sizes vary depending on the kit, such as:

Single Convolution:

The Aeon springs come in a single unit that can be utilized when space is limited, extra stability is needed, or a higher spring rate is required. Snowplows and heavy aftermarket bumpers feature these mounting systems since they will constantly contact the axle or control arms.

Additionally, these Aeon hollow rubber helper springs are used for in-bed campers, salt spreaders, and utility beds. 

Double Convolution Round:

These suspensions consist of two sections that taper slightly in the middle where they meet. The most versatile helper springs offer a balance between ride quality and spring rate.

A double convoluted assembly is taller and provides a long deflection curve, resulting in a smoother material response to load. Round style wheels are most commonly used on the rear axle of light and medium-duty vans, trucks, and RVs.

Double Convolution Rectangular:

This heavy hauling suspension enhancement provides long-lasting Class 8 trucks employing these Aeon helper springs. Heavy loads are stabilized and supported by these springs. They double the round Aeon with three times the deflection curve.

Sumo Springs

Lift kit

In Sumo Springs, the material is made up of micro-cellular urethane, which captures millions of air bubbles. The SumoSprings attach to the existing leaf springs on the lifted truck.

The color of the material corresponds to the air integration and the intended use of the SumoSpring, which allows them to vary the density and provide multiple capacity options.

The three primary colors of the material of the SumoSpring suspension system are:


This is the lightest option optimally suited to light applications or applications requiring a softer bump stop. Such applications may include smaller trucks or front axles.


This is a balanced option that can be used for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. These include Class B and Class C vehicles as well as pickups with rear applications.


It is well suited for medium and heavy-duty applications. These include motorhomes and trucks used for commercial purposes. The yellow material contains the slightest trapped air, making it the densest of the three materials.

Differences Between Timbren VS Sumosprings Suspension System

Ride quality

Although these suspension systems are designed to replace the factory suspension and provide extra load support and stability, they are fundamentally different. Some critical differences between Timbren  and SumoSpring are:


The huge difference between Timbren and Sumo springs is their use in their construction. Timbren uses Aeon rubber springs to eliminate body roll, while Sumo Springs manufactures suspension parts using micro-cellular urethane made up of millions of air bubbles.

This difference in the material allows SumoSprings to offer three different color options designed to be specific for certain weight capacity.


An essential difference between these two suspension systems is that the SumoSprings’ multi-piece construction enables a more excellent range of motion. This extra room allows for up and down movement, as well as damping benefits. 

On the other hand, Timbren Suspension System has a ballistic steel core wrapped in rubber, giving it a concise range of motion.


The SumoSprings system is available in one, double, and triple-cell options to give up to three times the load capacity. Timbren provides only single-cell units.

Additional features:

Another difference is that the SumoSprings system can be bolted or welded into the frame. In addition, it does not affect the suspension’s performance and does not cause tire wear. Meanwhile, a Timbren Suspension System has a non-skid surface which facilitates vehicle recovery from stuck situations.

Which one is Right for You?

Spring pack

Timbren and SuperSprings offer innovative solutions to a fixed load support system. Timbren uses rubber, and SumoSprings uses urethane. 

Although both materials are durable and capable of supporting loads for many years, their different densities make them more suitable for various applications.

Heavy haulers can upgrade their suspension without undergoing any maintenance with Timbren SES. As a result, the vehicle maintains the factory ride when unloaded.

Timbren SES excels in front applications with large snow plows or rear applications with large 5th wheels or utility beds. TImbren Aeon springs offer a weighty hauling suspension enhancement even for Class 8 trucks.

SumoSprings provide a comfortable balance of weight support and comfort. You can use them to replace standard bump stops on the softer front axle and a rear axle that needs the Maxim for extra sway control. Comparing them to the Rebel, they have uninterrupted suspension articulation.

SumoSprings are most often used in motorhome applications because of their low density and remove harsh ride. In motorhomes that will travel many miles and have long trips, a lower material density will reduce carrying capacity and result in a softer ride.

So the decision is up to you. You can choose which suspension system is best for your vehicle based on the information provided in this article.


We will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about the suspension system of your vehicle:

01. Are SumoSprings Worth the Money?

SumoSprings is a 100% worthwhile investment. As you drive on uneven terrain, Sumo Springs drastically smooth your ride, reduce sway, and allow you to maintain superior control. These springs offer fantastic value for the price you pay.

02. Which is Better, Timbren or SumoSprings?

Timbren Aeon springs will deliver a long-lasting and versatile suspension enhancement suitable for both heavy haulage and Class 8 trucks.

SumoSprings provide a balance of weight support and comfort and are often recommended for various applications.

03. Do Timbren Springs Work?

In tandem with your existing leaf springs, Timbrens Aeon hollow rubber springs can help alleviate the stress caused by rough road conditions. These rubber springs are quite effective and reliable as part of your vehicle’s improved suspension.

04. What are Timbren Lift Kits?

The Timbren SES lift kits are developed to keep your vehicles level at all times, whether they are loaded or unloaded. In fact, they will ensure your truck remains level and stable even when it is carrying weighty loads.

05. Do Hellwig Helper Springs Work?

Even though air-bags can be adjusted to suit varying loads, it prefers the more straightforward and more reliable solution of helper springs. These Hellwig helper springs work excellent!

06. Will Timbrens Work on a Lifted Truck?

Definitely! No matter the lift kit you have installed on your vehicle, Timbren’s Active Off-Road Bumpstops will work with it.

In Conclusion

Both SumoSprings and Timbren Suspension Systems are top-of-the-line products that can support weighty loads for many years. The Timbrens work on various applications, while SumoSprings are most often used in motorhomes that will travel many miles.

However, they are more well suited for different applications due to their different densities. If you’re looking for a fixed load support system, either product is an excellent choice but make sure to consider your needs and the weight of your vehicle before making a purchase. 

With the help of our article Timbren VS Sumosprings, you can find which suspension system is best for your vehicle and take advantage of these cognitive neuroscience principles to increase sales with less effort.

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