6 Best RV Cover Reviews and Buying Guide For Beginners

Last Updated on May 4, 2023

Even the most avid campers spend days or months at home. During such times, your RV needs protection against the effects of Nature.

An ideal way to have the vehicle protected is to keep it in a building. An RV cover also offers sufficient protection if you don’t have room space.

It protects your vehicle against UV damage. Many of them are also considerably waterproof. Besides, the fact that they minimize exposure implies that your automobile isn’t susceptible to scratches.

All these advantages mean that you can substantially reduce the paint job and other RV related maintenance costs by investing in an excellent UV cover.

Besides, the best RV cover reduces the rate at which you may need to clean the RV, particularly for those who park under trees.

But which RV cover fits your needs? Read further as we review some of the market’s finest options. This article also contains a detailed buying guide, the advantages of owning an RV cover, as well as all the information you need.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover

Leader Accessories Travel Trailer Cover

ADCO 52244 RV Cover

Our 6 Best RV Cover Reviews

Here are the products with the coolest of features we found on the market. Go through these reviews and make a smart and well-informed buying decision.

1. Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover

This travel trailer cover review is going to impress you with its top-class features. People who have laid their hands on it have been appreciating the quality and convenience the cover has to offer.

They have made the RV cover with the best of materials to provide you with amazing protection from dirt, snow, UV rays, and rain.

With an RV cover, most people are concerned about tear and rip. That is why the manufacturers made sure that their customers should be well relieved from such concerns. They have used extremely tough materials to make their product as durable as you have ever seen.

Therefore, you can rest assured while applying force on it to pull it over the vehicle. It will stay completely intact on such occasions.

Moreover, there are strong buckles and straps in place to make sure that the fit is perfect. What’s more, you will find high-quality air vents with it. You can use these for reducing moisture and wind stress in the interior.

Another cool thing about it is that you will be able to carry and store the cover without any hassle. For, the designers have made it lightweight and easy rolling.

Also, there is a storage bag that comes with the unit. Since we found this product to come with the most useful of features; for us, this is the best RV cover out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top-quality materials for rip and tear resistance
  • Easy-rolling and lightweight design
  • Rust-resistant materials
  • Storage bag included

2. Leader Accessories Travel Trailer Cover

If you are looking for a high-quality product at a reasonable price, you might want to check out the product we are talking about now. According to a lot of people, this is one of the best deals you will find out there.

And when you see the product yourself, you will find that they have spoken the truth. For instance, you don’ find a cover that has so many options in terms of size as this one. Be it trailers of any sizes; this little beauty is going to cover them all.

Another thing I found to be brilliant is that its fabric comes with three layers. Therefore, you will not have to worry about durability as these layers will make sure that your vehicle has its company for a long time. The resistance it shows against snow and rain is unbelievable.

Moreover, they have made it very convenient by introducing quite a few numbers of zipper panels. Thus, it will be hassle-free to go in and out when the cover is on.

What’s more, you have three options in terms of colors. Each one of them looks good on the vehicle. Now, if we were to recommend the product for any particular weather condition, it would be the winter. This has to be the best camper cover for winter.

Highlighted Features:

  • Zipper panels provide ease of use
  • Tough materials used for weather resistance
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Included air vents for reducing wind stress

3. ADCO 52244 RV Cover

This is a product you can rely on for getting total weather protection for your rig. Be it any type of weather condition; this cover will stand up to the task. It does not only keep snow and rain away but also the injurious outdoor materials.

And when it comes to protection against UV, you will find the unit among the toughest of its kind.

For a high moisture area, this is the cover you go for. It will make sure that your vehicle survives the moisture attack and consequently stays protected from corrosion. Your rig will also be protected from other sorts of damage caused by tough weather conditions. It will not allow moisture build-up on the rig.

They have done a marvelous job by introducing the triple-layer fabric for providing high durability. And the aesthetics the cover comes with aren’t less impressive either. There are very few covers out there that look as stunning as this.

During winter, you can cover the vehicle to store it. Thus, the value of the vehicle will be preserved. Otherwise, you might end up with a rig with tear and wear, which will certainly affect its value.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstanding UV resistance
  • Anti-moisture for protecting the rig in high moisture areas
  • Triple-layer fabric provides durability
  • Stunning design and outlook

4. KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4-Ply Camper Travel Trailer Cover

A trailer offers you to spend wonderful moments with your family. You should take proper care of it, especially in snowy or rainy conditions. This is a product you can use for such conditions. The cover from this particular brand will offer protection for your vehicle in extreme weather conditions.

Also, during windy days, it will come in handy. Manufacturers have gone out of their way to make it durable and top quality. They have made it extra thick 4-ply in the process. Thus, your vehicle will be safe from weather damage, no matter how rough the condition is.

Be it rains, snows, UV rays or scratches, the cover will have no difficulty in keeping them away and protecting the rig.

You will find this cover to regulate moisture conveniently. Also, controlling the wind stress will be hassle-free with it. These are because of the 6 air vents they have included with the cover.

An amazing thing about this product is that it allows you to monitor your vehicle even in the dark with the reflecting yellow-colored panels. What’s more, there are zippered doors in place, providing easy access to the vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstanding ventilation system
  • Extra thick fabric
  • Water and tear-resistant material
  • Easy access to the trailer with the zippered doors

5. Camco 45742 26′ ULTRAGuard Class Camper Covers for Travel Trailers

The product we are talking about now comes with a spot-on design and high-quality construction. If you want to feel content about going for it, you might want to go through the remarkable reviews it received from the users.

Additionally, the cover is relatively large, having a dimension that will fit the class C vehicles perfectly.

If you want to get the perfect fit, you should check out the sizing guide.

Although the product is made for the overall protection of the RV, it is best suitable for use during storage. The makers have introduced SFS material in making it, which comes with three piles. It beads the water coming in contact with this cover.

And when it snows or rains, you will be content with the cover there to protect your valuable possession for keeping away the harmful elements, the fabric of this cover is made of polypropylene. Also, vented flaps are in place. They will cut down wind stress as well as interior moisture.

What’s more, the material used in it is breathable for preventing mold growth. Thus, your rig will be well-protected from any damage and degradation. What I liked about this product is its hold-down system which is able to adjust itself.

It is one of the best rated rv cover for winter which will protect it especially from snow. You will not see too many products with such spectacular features. That’s why we recommend it highly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polypropylene fabric sides ensure durability
  • Vented flaps for preventing mold growth
  • SFS material for beading water
  • Included zippers for convenience

6. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Camper Cover Reviews

If you are looking for a quality camper cover, have a look at this product we are about to review. This cover will fit the 8′ to 10′ trailers. Among the impressive features, it comes with are the tension panels placed in its front and rear.

In addition, you have hem corners that come elasticized. These will provide you with the perfect fit for the vehicle. What’s more, they have introduced an air vent mechanism in the cover. It will reduce wind stress and interior moisture.

Another worth mentioning feature is the triple layer of the fabric. You are guaranteed to have the utmost protection for your rig with this cover. Be it rain or snow; it will keep your vehicle safe and sound. And the sides with single-ply will enhance the protection.

What’s more, they have provided a rope attachment along with a toss bag. With these in place, you won’t have to crawl under the vehicle much.

Moreover, you have a zippered door providing you with easier access to the vehicle. Also, the cover comes with stuff sacks. When all these features are provided along with satisfying construction quality, the product becomes great. You only need to make sure you have got the right size.

Highlighted Features:

  • Triple-layer fabric for enhanced protection
  • Zippered doors for easy access to the vehicle’s door
  • Rope attachment along with toss bag
  • Air vent technology for reducing wind stress

Best RV Cover Buying Guide

Best RV Cover Buying Guide

If you watch out for certain features and aspects in the cover you are about to buy; there’s a good possibility that you will find the best travel trailer cover they have ever come with.

We are going to talk about the most crucial features you need to look for before buying. These will play an important role in determining the quality of the RV.

1. Type

Not all the travel trailer covers are camper covers. The market comes with some other types that you might find beneficial.

For example, there are wheel protection covers, roof covers, windshield covers, vent covers, etc. that are extremely useful.

In determining the type of cover, the particular design and model of RV has to be acknowledged. For instance, covers made for class-A RVs won’t fit fifth wheels. Therefore, you need to have a clear idea about your trailer to get the best type of cover for it.

The particular type of cover will also be determined by the weather condition. If you live in an area where there is a lot of rain, then the cover type should be chosen accordingly. And some types will be better UV-resistant while others can keep the moisture away more efficiently.

Now, let us talk about some of the most popular types of covers out there that you will find useful.

2. Dashboard Covers

These covers look like pieces of carpet. They provide protection from sunlight, keeping the trailer’s dashboard safe and sound. If you want your vehicle to keep looking good for a long time, you need a dashboard cover.

3. Tire Covers

These will protect the tires from UV rays. If there is prolonged exposure to sunlight, the tires will get damaged.

A tire cover might not seem that important, but for ensuring safety during the traveling, you will certainly need it. This thing will prevent the tire from bursting as well as save you the replacement hassles.

4. Windshield Covers

Windshield Covers

Putting a cover on the windshield will serve two purposes. It will prevent cracks on the dashboard. Also, it helps in protecting seat covers from UV rays. With these in place, you will feel less heat inside the trailer.

5. Protection Level

Some covers come with an extreme level of protection. In our reviews, we talked about covers with triple-layer fabric. These will ensure high protection.

6. Size

The cover should provide a snug fit. Therefore, you should measure the RV accurately and then look for a cover that comes in that exact size. You have to measure the length, width, and height of your trailer. The market usually comes with standard sized covers.

These include both the windshield and tire covers. If you find the vehicle a little larger than the cover, then going for the immediately larger size will be the best move.

7. Material

In terms of cover materials, the market has varieties to offer. All these will serve the purpose one way or another. It will be difficult to single out any particular material since they all have their benefits.

Assess your condition and then choose the material accordingly. These are some of the most valuable materials used in RV covers:

  • Polypropylene: It is an extremely popular material for covers that are more resistant to water, cracking, and acid damage. The material isn’t waterproof, though. You will find it breathable.
  • Polyester: This material is very efficient in keeping the harmful UV away.
  • Solution-dyed Acrylic: This one comes with UV-resistant dyes. For protection against the sun, this is one of the best choices. Also, it’s waterproof. So, you can have good weather protection throughout the year.
  • Polyethylene: This material is known to be tear and water-resistant.

8. Price

This is probably the most important factor to keep in mind. While some of the high-quality covers cost much, there are some covers you will find affordable and of good quality at the same time.

9. Fabric Durability

This is another crucial aspect in determining cover’s quality. If the fabric has multiple layers, it has a better chance to be durable. For instance, there’s a triple-layer fabric that some covers feature. Going for them will ensure durability.

10. Reinforced Corners

Some covers come with these. For repairing tears or punctures, they are quite handy.

11. Weights and Ties

You should look for a cover that has got the proper weights and ties. A good cover is heavier on the bottom. The ties it comes with should provide easy attachment. They should be able to hold down the fabric tightly so that it doesn’t slip away.

12. Accessories

There are a few useful accessories. For instance, an air vent would be a cool feature for the cover to come with. It will reduce wind stress and moisture. Also, you will find it useful in preventing mold growth. And it protects the cover from tear. Some other accessories to look for are zippered panels, water repellent, etc.

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13. Zippered Panels

With these in place, you will gain easy access to your trailer. Thus, these provide high convenience. What’s more, you can monitor the condition of the weather easily if these features are there.

Reasons and Benefits of Covering Your RV

Reasons and Benefits of Covering Your RV

RV cover is something you will always find useful, no matter what the season is. If you do not have a garage to store your RV, you need to invest in a cover. For, when the winter comes, you are going to need it to protect the vehicle from the harshness of the environment.

There are numerous benefits in covering the RV. We are going to talk about the most obvious ones.

1. Reduced Maintenance

Your brand new RV might be spoiled by the dirt and dust if you leave it outside for only a few days. Covering the rig will keep dirt away. Thus, there will be no need for cleaning the RV now and then. To have such convenience, you need to place a cover around the trailer, especially in the dusty areas.

We understand that putting the cover on the vehicle is not a fun task. But, neither is the maintenance, right? Therefore, it is better to keep it clean the easier way, which is by using a cover. For, you do not have to do it frequently as you would need with cleaning it.

2. Protect from UV Damage

If you keep the RV open during summer, there could be so much damage done. Exposing it to the hot summer sun isn’t a good idea at all. Also, UV rays will affect the roof.

If your country does not have much UV rays, you still need a cover to protect the vehicle from all the harms caused by rain, snow, scratches, etc.

3. Less Exposed

Long exposure to the hot sun will lead to intolerable heat inside the RV. Therefore, you need something to cover it up for having a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. Thus, a cover will keep the RV in good form both outside and inside.

4. More for Saving the Paint

The most essential and crucial part of an RV is the roof. Leaving it uncovered will lead to various damages. You know how difficult and tiresome repairing is.

Whereas, putting a cover around the RV will protect the roof as well as the paint. Thus, it will keep the trailer good looking. After all, no one likes an ugly RV, do they?

5. Weather Protection

This is one of the most important aspects you need to watch out for if you want your RV to serve you for a long period. A cover will protect your rig from snow, rain, and UV rays.

6. Storage Cover

If you have a garage, you can store the RV there. In case your place does not come with one, you need a cover to keep the RV outside. Otherwise, it might get damaged.

7. Element Protection

Wind stress and moisture might cause damage to the interior elements. So, you need a cover to reduce them for protecting these elements.

8. Durability

An RV cover prevents mold growth and corrosion on your vehicle. Thus it enhances the durability of the trailer.

9. Accessibility

With the zippered door integrated into the cover, you have easier access to the engine and door of the vehicle.

10. High Resale Value 

High Resale Value

An RV is already a pricey vehicle. There’s no point in increasing this cost by failing to take proper care of it. A cover will take care of the vehicle without costing much.

If it wasn’t there, your RV would have lost its resale value by a large amount. Besides, a simple cover saves a lot of bucks you would have spent on repairing otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to Choose the Right Size?

Ans: You have to measure the RV first. Then you can search for a cover that fits the trailer.

2. How to Cover Your RV?

Ans: It’s pretty simple. A manual is usually provided with the cover. Follow the instructions given in it to get the installation done. It won’t take long.

3. When to Cover Your RV?

Ans: The ideal time to cover the RV would be when you are not using it. Besides, you can cover it in winter or summer for storage purpose.

4. What are Some Good Brands that Make RV Covers?

Ans: The brands we talked about in our RV cover reviews are fabulous. These are Classic Accessories, ADCO, Leader Accessories, King Bird, and Camco. You will get a durable, well-performing, and perfectly functional cover if you buy any of the products we reviewed.

5. Are the RV Covers Waterproof?

Ans: Yes, these are waterproof, thanks to the water-repellent materials used in making them. They will protect your vehicle from snow and rain.

6. How Long do RV Covers Last?

Ans: It depends on the weather condition as well as the particular type of cover.

7. How much are RV Covers?

Ans: The price will vary according to the brand’s reputation and the quality of the product. In our list, you will find products with various price ranges.

8. Is it Okay to Cover my Vehicle with a Plastic Tarp?

Ans: I wouldn’t recommend doing so because the moisture will make its way into the vehicle and damage it. Also, this type of tarp isn’t breathable. The wind might rub it against the vehicle, giving rise to damages.

9. How do I Wash a Cover?

Ans: You can use a spray along with a hose. Also, using a soft brush, water, and soap will be okay.


Recreational vehicles give you unprecedented comfort and convenience when you are out in the wild. They stand out for that.

But who goes camping daily?

As you are back and enjoying the comfort of your home, your RV also requires protection.

The best RV cover is not only a great option to protect your vehicle but also an ideal way to preserve your mobile home’s appearance.

This article has the right options to choose from. Take time to read through this guide and hopefully it’ll assist you in your search for a functional cover.

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